Michelle to reveal keys to the life fully lived in her new book

Michelle Hadad
Michelle Hadad

Long-time Kingdom resident Michelle Hadad is breaking out the big guns of Kerry public life as she launches a new book promising to help readers unlock the secrets of a life fully lived.

Brazilian native and lifestyle coach Michelle, who has lived in Ireland for 11 years, is set to launch her new book 'The Secret Box - Finding the Key' at John M Reidy's in Killarney on Friday, November 17, at 7.30pm.

It's a self-help guide based on the fictional life of main character Maria, with each chapter 'unlocking' another key along the journey of self-discovery.

Deputy Michael Healy Rae is to perform the official launch of a work that comes garlanded with positive reviews from well known Kerry figures. Kerry GAA legend Pat Spillane, columnist Billy Keane and solicitor Jerry O'Connor are among those to have endorsed the book, as has Kerry District Court Judge James O'Connor in the course of a glowing review.

"The Secret Box is a thoroughly well written book which documents life's experiences, trials and tribulations in respect of a young, beautiful, classy and talented Brazilian lady who is unique in the sense that she does not fit into analysis, averages, statistics, mores, customs or norms," Judge O'Connor wrote.

Judge O'Connor explained how the reader can glean vital lessons from the experiences of the main character. "Maria discovered that values are priceless and non-negotiable and that any adversity can be overcome with the right attitude and with steely resolve. She learns not to chase perfection as humanity itself is not perfect nor can it ever be and that it is an illusion. Once she accepts this she has found a major key to happiness and contentment."