Meditation workshops a big hit

While a Donegal priest might have dismissed yoga the people of Listowel are very enthusiastic about another Eastern practice: meditation.

Meditation 365's Jason Gorham has been giving meditation workshops in the Listowel Family Resource Centre and he says locals are taking to it like fish to water.

He's had everyone from teenagers to 60 year olds taking classes and "finding a space where there's no distractions".

Jason said the methods he teaches are relatively easy and uncomplicated to grasp, even for those who mightn't know much about meditation. Remarking on the success of his classes, Jason said "people are finding it easier and easier to pick up".

Spiritual, but very practical, he said meditation is a great antidote to the hectic pace of modern life with all the buzzing and bleeping of smartphones and social media. "We're inundated with information. We're inundated with advertising, films and the internet. It's very taxing and stressful."

Jason will be teaching another meditation workshop this Sunday, July 27, in the Listowel Family Resource centre between 10am and 4pm. The charge is €49 for the day.


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