Lisa bringing own-grown message to Waterville centre

One woman's mission to get people thinking hard about the food they eat and its impact on the planet rolls onto Waterville next week with a talk guaranteed to offer fascinating insight into the whole subject.

Ballybunion-based artist, writer and grower Lisa Fingleton is to deliver a talk hosted by Waterville Tidy Towns on her new book The Local Food Project at Tech Amergin at 2pm on Sunday, March 24; alongside Sue Jackson and Alexis Fermoyle.

It's a must for everyone in the area passionate about their environment, climate change and the very nature of the food industry.

"One day I bought a BLT sandwich in a petrol station and I couldn't believe that there were over 40 listed ingredients from all over the world including such things as Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, xanthan gum, emulsifier and stabilisers," Lisa explained of the inception of her journey of discovery.

It started her thinking deeply about all we consume, and about how she could provide for a far healthier diet for herself and her loved ones while inculcating habits of immeasurable benefit to the planet.

"Rather than getting bogged down in doing nothing, I started the 30 Day Local Food Challenge, encouraging people to eat local food for the month September each year. We ate only ingredients grown on the island of Ireland so that meant doing without imported goods such as sugar, bananas, chocolate and other luxuries to which we have become accustomed!

"I am delighted to come to Waterville to meet other people who are passionate about food. The book explores the power of growing and eating local food in the culmination of three years of work," Lisa added.