How you can look good with spuds!

AS a child, every Saturday morning was spent watching 'Anything Goes' and my favourite part was 'make and do' with Mary Fitzgerald. What has this to do with a beauty column I hear you ask? Well I am getting a lot of mail on what can be done at home, beauty wise, so this is my make and do section that might help in between pay days to provide a treat for the skin.

Home facial a la spuds: Mix grated raw potatoes with loose tea, pop open a tea bag and add a few drops of olive oil. Cleanse your skin and apply the mixture, leave for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water and apply your moisturiser. The tea will exfoliate the top layer of skin and this home facial gives a great glow.

Body buff: Mix two ounces of brown sugar with two ounces of olive oil and a few drops of essential oil of your choice, if desired - I like lavender just for relaxing purposes. Stand in the shower without the water and scrub the mixture, from feet up, to get rid of dead skin. Shower the mixture off and apply your normal body moisturiser. This mixture is also good for getting rid of fake tan.

Heavenly hair mask: To treat dull, dry hair, mix some coconut milk with half an avocado and apply to the ends of your hair and leave for 20 minutes. Applying with a warm towel will intensify the treatment. Shampoo and condition as normal. The lactic acid from the milk and the oil from the avocado have a deep conditioning effect.

Firming facial: Mix one tablespoon of oatmeal (not instant), three tablespoons of natural yogurt and a tablespoon of honey together, apply to fresh skin and leave for five minutes. This is good for dry skin as the oatmeal contains beta glucans which are soothing and have a tightening effect.

Brightening facial: Puree raw asparagus with milk, avocado and honey, apply to a clean face for 15 minutes, rinse and moisturize for a brightening effect as the chlorophyll in the asparagus has this effect.

Zit Zapper: Mix a tablespoon of cinnamon with a little honey and make a paste. Apply to the spot for 20 minutes or overnight and watch it go.

Party season

Now is the time to be on the look out for aids to help us look our best coming up to the party season and I came across skin Skin Doctors who have two products that I think will come in handy for the party season. The first is instant facelift which they call the five minute lift and tuck, it is a radiance booster serum that improves firmness and is applied under the make-up and peels the year away.

This is perfect for the party season and will set you back €35. They also have an eye lift for bags and puffiness , just use one and half pumps per eye and work from outer corner to nose and let set before putting your make-up on. This costs €28.

Lily Collins is the new ambassador for Lacome. Lily who is the daughter of Phil, is a rising Hollywood star and she will be next on our screens in Love Rosie, a romantic comedy adapted from the book 'Rainbows' by Cecelia Ahern.

Lancome's Christmas collection is beautifully demonstrated by Lily. First up is their multi-wear eyeliner patches, which can be used up to three times to enhance the shape of the eye and stretch out towards the outer corner for a wide-eye look. Their award winning mascara is dressed up for Christmas in silver sparkles for dazzling lashes. My favourite is the 'Hypnose Ultra Dazzling Colours for Eyes', which comes in four great colours. I love diamant argente for all eye colours. The highlighter is a subtle pink and can be used in any area you wish to highlight. Lipsticks come in a new case and magpies amongst us will love the packaging. Nails are half matt, half shimmer. Available in pharmacies from November 1st.

Hair colouring

A lot of people have been telling me their hair colour is just not lasting and find it very expensive to return to the hairdresser so frequently. Well, I found new Redken colour extend magnetics supercharge colored hair range that is suitable for all hair colour to strengthen, prolong and maintain the vibrancy of coloured locks. It contains amino acids and proteins to help rebuild surface protection and strenghten hair while the colour extend magnetics shampoo seals in the colour for longer. It retails at €16.25.

Conditioner is great for detangling and has high levels of amino ions, there is also a fantastic mask that attracts hair molecules and can be used once a week and the liquid spray is the final step in the range called radiant 10 and has 10 benefits for colour treated hair: reinforcement, protection, moisture, detangling, softness, nourishment, vibrancy, improved manageability, frizz reduction and shine. This range will be launched in November and is highly recommended for lasting colour.

007 contest

The face of Boss competition got a huge reaction and, after hearing this, 007 contacted me. Yes 007 - the fragrance people - asked for my help to look for the face of this new fragrance, which they predict will be huge for Christmas.

So I am looking for a man who can look like any bond from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig or would look good in a tux . A head shot is required and their permission of course and the winner will receive a hamper of goodies. Write to me at The Kerryman, Denny St, Tralee, or email me or look for details on maryodonnelllbeauty on facebook.

NEXT WEEK: Vintage make-up.