How to make your eyes look 'specs-tacular' in glasses

Megan Fox.
Megan Fox.

THERE was never a better time to be a glasses wearing gal. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Johnny Depp and Eva Mendes have transformed glasses wearing from geeky to smokin' hot and glasses are now as much a fashion statement as they are functional.

The secret to 'spectacular' make-up is to know what colours best compliment your eyes and how to apply them.

Frames automatically draw more attention to your brows, so brows need to well groomed. Pluck, wax or thread, or do all of the above to create the perfect brow. Brow and lash tinting also makes a huge difference, just make sure you have a patch test first-if you have not tinted before. H.D. brows are very popular at the moment - this is a six step procedure for a fuller brow.

Taking on and off your glasses while you do your make-up is not ideal. I recommend a magnifying mirror such as a Tweezerman. A matte foundation is more long lasting, which is especially important as glasses slide up and down your nose, causing smudged foundation around the eye and nose area.

Lenses and glasses can add shadows to the area around the eyes, so concealer is really important.A reflective concealer can help with shadows. Use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation. A new concealer from Garnier is a roll on BB cream called miracle skin perfector. Use a concealer brush or your ring finger to apply. Avoid pulling or tugging the skin under the eye. If your eyelid is dark, apply some concealer there too - it also helps eye shadows cling better. After your foundation and concealer, dust a light layer of powder over the entire face and eyelids. I recommend a large, round brush and always brush down.

Prescription glasses and lenses can make eyes look larger or smaller but makeup can help conceal this. If you want to make your eyes look smaller - blend a brown pencil to your waterline.. If you want eyes to look bigger use a white pencil on the inner rim.

What colours for what eyes is always a quandary though. Here are some suggestions:

Big blues: brown, bronze, copper, peach, rust or gold.

Gorgeous greens: Khaki, taupe, gold, brown, bronze and green.

Beautiful browns: Browns, purple and navy.

Heavenly hazel: Biege, browns, purple, gold and green.

Gentle grays :Silver, brown, blue or purple.

Lashes smudging against your glasses is very annoying. Start with curling your lashes - Shiseido have great lash curlers for this. Opt for volumizing over lengthening mascara. Comb and separate after mascara and go for a mascara for hypersensitive eyes. We are looking for a mascara that is long lasting and does not flake. Isadora does a hypoallergenic mascara that is purse friendly and La Roche Posay has 'Respectissime' mascara that is formulated for contact lens wearers and is flake free. It has also been tested on people with various eye conditions and helps strengthen lashes and encourages growth.

If you wear dark frames go for a liner in brown or burgundy to contrast the frames. If your frames are coloured go for black liner. If your frames are thick, apply a bolder line to the upper lash line. With thin frames, a softer line works better. Generally, if you want your frames and eyes to stand out, pick an eye shadow with the opposite colour on the colour wheel than your frames e.g. with blue glasses try an orange hue. Gray eye shadow is best avoided under glasses as it can make you look like you have a black eye. Lining your lower lash can have the effect of making you look tired. Shimmer colours on the other hand will be reflective and will bring light to your eyes. So highlight your inner corner and prepare to sparkle.

Contact lens wearers use products that are safe for contacts and are hypoallergenic. Also using cream eye shadows makes dust control easier. It is best to avoid oil-based products around the eyes. Also avoid mascara with fibres, as particles can become trapped under the lenses, causing discomfort. Use good quality makeup brushes to avoid bristles falling out. Don't wear eye makeup or put lenses in when your eyes are swollen, red or infected.

Don't forget about your cheeks - highlight with bronzer and define with blusher. Always apply from the apple of the cheekbone brushing down and back towards the ear. Line lips and fill in with lipstick and gloss for a more spring look.

For removing eye makeup, La Roche Posay Toleriane makeup remover is excellent for sensitive eyes and also contact lens wearers. It comes in individual applications, so there is no contamination, and each pack contains about 30 applications. Murine eye drops have four different solutions. I like the one for dry, tired eyes. Optrex spray can be sprayed over make up to soothe tired eyes.

So go forth and be spectacular.

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