Hard times mean more lipstick ...and here's how to use it well

Mary O'Donnell

HELLO, my name is Mary O'Donnell, I'm from Tralee, and I'm going to be writing about beauty in the coming weeks. First, a little about myself.

My first summer job was working in a beauty salon and by the time the Rose Ball came I was hooked. I did my beauty therapy under the guidance of Browyn Conroy on Grafton Street. At the time there was no beauty college in Kerry but that has now changed and, today, we have many fine beauty therapy colleges in the county.

On returning to Tralee I started working in CH Chemist where Mrs Harty mentored me in the beauty retail world. The training was invaluable and, at the ripe old age of 22, I opened my own beauty salon. I had a wonderful staff and a very loyal clientele. After 16 happy years, I took time out to raise my family.

Two years ago the allure of the beauty world beckoned me again. This time in the form of a beauty slot on Radio Kerry's Talkabout programme with Deirdre Walsh.

I found there was a huge niche in the market for beauty information. People wanted knowledge before they spent their hard earned cash. During a recession the sale of lipsticks goes up. Women want to feel good and look good too. So for you my dear reader, over the coming weeks this is what I hope to do. Give you all the lowdown on new beauty products, the latest beauty treatments from spas and beauty salons, and all the new colours and trends for each season. For the menfolk, I will be doing a regular male grooming feature. Any questions or queries will be answered.

Now, with all that said, a good place to start in the beauty world is with cleansing. One of my all time favourites is Dermalogicas UltraCalming Cleanser for sensitized skin.

This extremely gentle, ph-balanced gel/cream cleanser glides gently over face and eyes to cleanse without stripping the skin's protective barrier and it helps calm and cool the redness and heat so commonly associated with sensitized skin.

UltraCalming Cleanser can also be used as an eye and lip make-up remover. Celebrities who favour this product include Cheryl Cole and Robert Pattinson.

A new product for the lads is Clarins men Exfoliant Cleanser. Great packaging, very handy for the gym bag and it does what is says on the tin - cleanses and exfoliates at the same time.

Another favorite is NeoStrata foaming Glycolic Wash.This is a cleanser for somebody with dry skin that is prone to breakouts.The salicylic base wash is designed to reveal healthier new skin cells.

Happy cleansing and spot-less new year!

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