Great gifts for gadget lovers

Tablet and iPad Keyboard's

Tablet and iPad Keyboard's

For iPad and tablet users who hate trying to type on the software-based keyboard external keypads, most of which also act as covers, offer the perfect solution. Most are ultra-thin and provide tablet users with a convenient and easy way to write on the go.


For the techie who also loves fitness a pedometer that links to your smartphone or computer makes an ideal gift.

There are several versions of these devices on the market and all will record a whole host of useful information about your daily routine from how many steps you've taken in a day and how many calories you've burned to how many times you wake up during a night's sleep

External Batteries and chargers

For on-the-go techies there are few more irritating things than a dead battery. An external battery charger may be just the thing that certain techie in your life needs to keep their gadget party going.

There are many versions availabe to suit all manner of mobile devices and most are at a reasonable price.


Load up a new smartphone with apps. Give a gift card to the Apple App Store or Android Market

Most apps are pretty cheap, so we suggest at least a €20 gift card. You can buy an Apple app store gift card online and in most major retailers. The Android Market doesn't have a gift card system yet, but you can buy a prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift card instead.


The ideal gift for a bibliophile e-readers are reasonably priced, portable and very easy to use. Amazon's Kindle is the bestselling e-reader right now. And for good reason.

There are plenty of books available and you can't beat the price. The 3G version will let you download books for free over the wireless network.


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