Get a 'Career NCT' on your smartphone

PIMAN Training, the leading work skills training company which has an office in Tralee, has launched a new smartphone app, designed to help people pick their perfect career.

The Career NCT app is the first of its kind in Ireland and provides users with a virtual career guidance session that helps people who are either entering the workforce or thinking of changing jobs to identify the career that's best for them.

To use the app, users first create their own personal avatar to represent their career aspirations. They then answer a series of questions that create a career and skills profile which is filtered through a software programme that will help identify their strengths and weaknesses and propose career possibilities suited to them.

The app then generates a personal Career NCT certificate to record all the findings for future reference.

In conjunction with the new app, Pitman Training, who are based at Monavalley Business Park in Tralee, have also launched a new career advice service offering customers one to one career advice based on the findings of the app.

"The team here is hoping that by tapping into technology we can help people from across the region identify their key skills and character traits that could help them get their dream job," said Pitman Training Manager Kristian O'Donovan.

"We believe that a bit of encouragement, presented in a fun way, will show there are ways people can take charge of their careers, and we hope this will lead to Tralee and Kerry being a place full of happier workers."

"Asking if your skills are perfectly matched to the job you're in, and if you could make use of your key character traits to help you get ahead, our Career NCT app is a chance to see how you can help yourself to be happier at work," he said.