Film club treats for fans of the silver screen

STORIES of survival and of family come to the big Listowel screen as part of the Classic Movieplex's Film Club in the coming weeks.

Running every Thursday night, the Film Club offers fans of the silver screen the chance to savour less mainstream fare omniplexes rarely show.

Robert Redford stars in All is Lost on Thursday, February 27, at 8.15pm in a harrowing film about a grizzled sailor losing a frantic fight for survival at sea.

Colin Firth stars in The Railway Man the following Thursday in an 'astonishing' story about survival in a brutal Japanese WWII POW camp. And the great Bruce Dern is in the acclaimed Nebraska on Thursday, March 13, as a booze-addled man making the trip to that state from Montana with his estranged son to claim a million-dollar sweepstakes prize.


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