Fabulous Furniture at Your Fingertips...

THE mainstay of the Fitzgibbon Interiors thriving business is its magnificent furniture department, which has been significantly expanded in recent months. The entire first floor of the Curraheen premises is completely dedicated to the new furniture showroom, which houses an unrivalled selection of handcrafted and Irish made furniture and suites un the country.

Whether you're looking for a new dining suite, want to redecorate your bedroom or simply need some new accessories for your home, then each is perfectly laid out in the new showroom, giving the customers a first hand view of how the design would look in their home.

Interestingly, customers can pick and choose the exact shade of furniture they want, with an extensive colour swatch available to choose from.

And for those who could do with a little help in choosing the perfect design, the company boasts its own resident interior designer who is on hand to offer her expert advice in this area.

With years of experience to share with customers, Michelle Keane is available to help with design, colour, pattern and furniture selection, always keeping your budget in mind.


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