Danielle and James' big surprise!

Sinead Kelleher

Never mind TV's Don't Tell the Bride, it was a case of don't tell the guests at a surprise wedding at St Brendan's Church on Saturday. 

Guests had turned up for the christening of Isabelle Moriarty at St Brendan's Church, but were more than a little surprised at the sight of her mom, Danielle, walking down the aisle in a stunning bridal dress. 

Danielle Callaghan and James Moriarty from St Brendan's Park in Tralee invited guests to their daughter's christening at St Brendan's Church on Saturday. 

There was audible gasps of surprise and delight when Danielle arrived at the church as the beautiful bride, however, as the real reason for the celebration dawned on the gathering. A few key guests had been let in on the secret including Danielle's dad, Jack, and James's parents, Anthony and Mary Conway. 

The two fathers were only informed two weeks in advance to ensure they were attired for the special day but Mary had been in the know for a few months to help the couple prepare. 

Celebrant Fr Niall Geaney was also obviously in on the secret along with a few key members of Danielle's family including her sister, Fran, to ensure that family members from the UK, France and Dublin, travelled for the occasion. 

The special wedding ceremony was shared with Isabelle who was also christened on the day and with the couple's three-year-old son, Lucas, who went on honeymoon to Portugal this week. 

"It was a beautiful wedding. Everyone was very relaxed. If you turned up for the christening you were lucky and if you didn't you missed it," mother-of-the groom, Mary Conway said. 

"She was a beautiful bride and everyone got a great surprise. 

"There was fierce excitement in the church when she arrived."  

Following the ceremony the couple and their still-shaken guests retired to a marquee in St Brendan's Park as celebrations continued into the early hours of the morning.