Contestants agonise over choice between cake and salad

"STRENGTH doesn't come from what we can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't" - Anonymous

With the second major weigh in looming this week we introduced the contestants to BTS Fitness trainer and boxing coach Garrett O'Connell, and this week saw the contestants participate in boxing conditioning specialist training. As last week's war-like effects were still visible to see on the contestants a change of tack was in order, while still maintaining the intensity and level of difficulty.

Both groups were brought into the ring to get suited and booted for the session. As I took a step back to observe the contestants physiological and psychological performances throughout the workout it became very evident very quickly who was taking this seriously and who using this session as a laugh. When you hear noise coming from one's mouth you know that there isn't 100% being committed by the contestant.

I couldn't step back any longer as it was really starting to grate on me to see this lack of commitment. I had to lay in all on the table again. Every so often we forget what we are doing and why we are doing it and have to be reminded. Once all was said the change was instant. I've never seen angry punches and commitment. It was a pleasure to observe. I'm sure they were picturing me as they hit the pads and bags.

Friday saw both groups come together for the weigh in. This didn't go down too well as the groups were comfortable within their own groups but the idea was to reinforce that this is a competition after all.

Everyone took to the scales one after another from each group. The numbers were not yet disclosed to the contestants as they had a challenge to complete. It was group 1 versus group 2 in an 80km against the clock, with the losers having to do a secret challenge. Group 1 lost by a mere three seconds, so group 1 met me in Streat Café for their forfeit challenge. This challenge was to test their knowledge and resolve in relation to food choices.

Choice 1: Small slice of chocolate cake with whipped cream and a cappuccino (total cals 510)

Choice 2: large mediterian salad with all the dressings and a 500ml bottle of water (total cals 426)

They had to choose one and eat it completely. Wow! To see the emotional stress that was placed upon the contestants was eye opening. It took 20 minutes to decide on option 2, but the contestants didn't know the calories per dish. It's tough when you come face to face with choices that got you here in the first place. There was a lot of tears in this dilemma.

The challenge wasn't to get them to give in to their old habits but to highlight the importance of understanding food and knowing the difference between good calories and bad calories. Knowing about portion size helps us in our everyday decisions, or at least it should!

Back to BTS Fitness group 1 went for the results of the weigh-in. Both groups lined up opposite each other as I announced the overall weight loss. Group 1 lost a total of 44lbs in the last two weeks while group 2 lost a total of 38lbs. The figures were not as high as the first major weigh-in but still very good. The contestants were not happy with the numbers this week as now they expect more from themselves, as good is not good enough anymore. Big expectations = big results.

Until next week...stay healthy!