Christmas celebrations can play havoc with your skin

IT'S only once a year, but Christmas tends to play havoc with our skin. Christmas cards are the beginning for me and when I start asking people when was the last post for America, I know those stress levels are about to soar.

When we are stressed it increases the sensitivity to environmental factors, which can lead to skin irritation. So my solution is try products which contain seaweed, such as Green Angel and Voya.

Seaweed is a highly concentrated source of minerals and trace elements in their balanced state and supplies alginic acid, which elasticizes skin.

Also worth considering is Neostrata's Skin Active Firming Collagen Booster which enhances and preserves natural collagen and is perfect for this time of year. It is designed to address loss of firmness due to increased collagen degradation and slowed collagen production in ageing skin. Skin health and condition is improved; skin feels and looks smoother and firmer. It really gives skin a boost.

Alcohol and sugar levels also increase around the festive season and while it is nice at the time, the next day our skin looks dry, dehydrated and flakey and this is hard to recover from.

To avoid the worst effects, try to drink a glass of water for every glass of alcohol and don't forget a big glass of water bedtime. Your skin will thank you!

The next day start with a glass of apple juice with a splash of honey, it is gentle on your tummy and the vitamin C will help heal the skin. With the sugar levels increasing, good and bad bacteria will benefit from a talking a probiotic.

As temperatures drop, try not to go out in the cold weather without protecting your skin with a good moisturiser. Applying a little foundation will give added protection against broken veins. If you've had a very late night and just want to flop into bed, please take that few minutes to take your makeup off because if you don't your skin will look awful the next day and you may find a few blocked pores also. A pre-cleansing oil gets rid of makeup quickly and also using a warm face cloth will help you to see your bed quicker.

If a few spots appear, try Vichy Hyla Spot, which works by healing and covering.

Alcohol also interrupts sleep patterns and in turn leads to dark circles unde the eyes. Creams that work on dark circles include Stop the Clock by Bia Beauty, and Shiseido Anti Dark Circles.

So let's look at the worst case scenario. You were out partying the night away, got very little sleep, there's a big family occasion the next day and your skin is not up to scratch. A a few tricks will help. First run a warm bath with some essential relaxing oils like Dr Hauschka.

Try not to have the water too hot as this will only dehydrate you. Take some cool Avene water from the fridge and soak two pieces of cotton wool, apply your favourite face mask and apply the Avene over your eyes.

The mask will refresh the skin and the water pads will help with dreary, bloodshot eyes.

Favourite fragrance and body lotion will revive your spirit and Clarins Beauty Flash balm will work wonders as a makeup base.

Keep the look soft and avoid the mistake of applying more to cover up, it will just look caked and unnatural. Attend to your brows and use a bright lipstick to make you look less tired.

Don't forget the feet and make sure heels look good.

If you are wearing strappy sandals, a micro pedi is a great gadget that will make your footsies baby soft.

Keep a pack of Party Feet in your bag and you are ready for the party all over again.

Next week: New treatments for 2014.


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