CBS Tralee pupils join their elders for fun-filled activities as part of new club

It's a two-way street of education and fun for a group of primary pupils and their elders, resident of a nursing home nearby, as part of a new club helping to build intergenerational bridges.

CBS Tralee pupils and residents of the Fatima Nursing Home had such a good time of it together when the youngsters popped up to perform carols for them at Christmas that it was decided to establish a get-together on a more regular footing.

The Seanóige Club was duly born, getting off to a great start on Thursday when the ten fourth-class pupils involved arrived to Fatima complete with hand-crafted St Brigid's crosses.

"Last Thursday was the first day of the Seanóige Club, and the children brought St Brigid's crosses to the residents. They had a getting-to-know-you session, where they filled in questionnaires, and spoke of school days in the past," CBS teacher Michelle Culloty -who formed the club in consultation with CBS principal Denis Coleman and Fatima Home staff - told The Kerryman.

As interesting as Thursday's first visit was, the Seanóige Club is set to see even more wide-ranging fun in the coming weeks, Ms Culloty explained: "The residents shared lovely stories in a fantastic learning experience for all. Over the next few weeks, the club is planning gardening sessions, art and craft activities, card games and more."