Castle fit for a king, or indeed someone with €10m to spend

Cillian Walsh

ONE OF Ireland's most impressive and unique properties is for sale outside Kenmare - it's a castle and you'll need €10m to even start the bidding process.

An Culu is a recently-constructed waterfront castle sitting on five acres of forestry, overlooking Kenmare Bay.

Only visible from the sea, the awe-inspiring castle was built 15 years ago by an English businessman who saw an old building from the water, liked it and purchased the site along with four acres of surrounding forestry. He built the castle on the site from the ground up.

Features of the five-storey property include a pool area with sauna and steam room in the under belly of the castle, an elevator which runs from the lower ground floor to the sitting room on the fifth floor, five ensuite bedrooms, drawing room, conservatory and a private jetty and harbour.

According to auctioneer Seán Daly, of Sherry Fitzgerald Daly, Kenmare, who is selling the property, "It is ideal for someone with large boats or an interest in boating due to the sheltered private harbour."

The sitting room on the fifth floor includes a balcony area that provides the most stunning views of the Kenmare Bay and across the water to the Beara Peninsula.

This is a property of extraordinary proportions and has remained Kenmare's best kept secret for the last decade and a half. The forestry provides a very high degree of privacy, so much so that Seán Daly believes "a lot of people, even locals, wouldn't know about it. It's well off the beaten track.

"From a distance it looks as though it has been there forever, a historic heritage site from an era long ago. However, as you approach it the modernity of the structure is amazing. You can tell that it was designed and built to the most exceptional specifications."

The exact location of the castle remains tight lipped and viewing appointments are strictly by appointment only. Seán Daly says: "We will only show the castle to people who can provide proof from the bank that they have sufficient funds to buy it. We won't take everyone out to see it. There has been interest so far though."

When asked about the owner's reason for selling he replied: "People invest, they build and they sell on. It's just the way it goes, especially for people with no roots in the area. If someone walks through the door tomorrow, they can buy it."

Whoever nets An Culu Castle they won't be disappointed.


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