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Archives - January 1983

KILLARNEY'S industrial year couldn't have got off to a brighter start. The Kerryman confirmed this week that the new Killarney Engineering plant in Ballyspillane will begin production in March or April and will eventually have a staff of 440.

This will make it the second biggest employer in Killarney, about 60 behind Pretty Polly and about 100 more than Liebherr.

However, it could be some time before it will reach full employment.

The parent company of the new plant, Waycom Holdings, from Bracknell, Berkshire, England, have still not decided exactly when they will begin production. Nor have they decided how many people they will employ initially.

Des O'Halloran of the National Manpower Agency in Killarney said he has still not been given specific figures.

He expects the company to confirm with a fortnight the number of people they will require for the first phase of production.

The company formally took possession of the factory in December [ 1982], but apparently they are being held up by a delay in the installation of vital equipment which is still in the US factory owned by the same company.

There is a wide range of jobs in the factory, and Manpower will be involved in the recruitment. They have already been involved in getting one person for a maintenance job.

All the employees will have to go through a training course, but the company will get a grant from the IDA towards the cost involved. A spokesman for the IDA said that a training course is needed for almost every factory that opens now.

When we contacted the parent company in England they told us it would be about another month before they could definitely reveal how many people would be employed from the start and exactly when production would begin.

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