Being absent and abstaining is not good enough from our councillors

Sir, Whatever one thinks of the proposal by the Healy Rae's it did open a discussion on rural isolation.

Their solution might have been misguided but at least they put up their hands, along with the three others, to stand by their convictions. It must be acknowledged that three councillors also voted against the motion.

However, what is more worrying is the fact the so many abstained and even more were absent from the chamber.

Remember we are paying expenses to our elected councillors. It must be investigated as to how many were actually in the building, were any signed in that weren't there and how often this goes on and are we only finding out it because of the media attention this particular vote got.

Those who abstained must also be questioned as to their motives. if you cannot make the hard decisions why take the seat from someone who will make them? Sincerely, Padraig Harnett,

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