Are you brave enough for market bargaining?

The signs are up on the main approach roads, the material is being gathered and the stalls are being prepared. That can only mean that it's Indoor market time. A time when the hinges of the community centre doors are put to the pins of their collective endurance; a time when the meek shall have the earth snatched from under their feet and a time when the smell of a bargain carries a danger equalled only by the rutting season in the national park in Killarney.

It was always like this in any of the venues it lodged in since its inception in 1974. Even during the years of the late Celtic Tiger there were people buying Christmas presents at bargain prices there.

The array of quality goods on offer here on an annual basis has to be seen to be believed. I often wondered how many pieces bought there over the years recycled their way back there.

It is one of the great wonders of life in Castleisland and there's nothing quite like it for atmosphere and pure craic. It's an event for all ages and fully embraced by the occupants of all age categories.

Once you avoid the initial bargain-hunting hordes you'll be fine as the evening settles down and becomes more civilised.

Flared nostrils and wild eyes, fixed in a stare, ahead on a far flung stall are dead give-away signs of trouble coming. Don't wait to excuse yourself - just get out of her way.

Anyway, the afore-mentioned doors will be flung open at 8pm. Go down there and see how you get on. It's all for the Kerry Parents & Friends Association and organised and run by a dedicated team of great people.

Many of them have been there from the first one held at Tommy O'Rourke's shop on Main Street all those years ago. Now their grand-daughters are in there, sleeves up and with the same zeal as their moms and nans. It's an event with a great past and a brilliant future.