Apply sunscreen before putting on your make-up

WHAT Women Want is the title of Maia Dunphy's new series and on the first show it was all about skin care.

People get confused about sunscreen and when to put it on. We were lead to believe to put on sunscreen first, then make-up and sunscreen again but all make-up users know this would end in a terrible mess.

Let me make it easier. Skincare professionals promote using sunscreen and not just make-up with spf (sun protection factor) because the coverage from make-up varies and we cannot judge how effective it is. So, after cleansing your face apply a sunscreen with an spf of 30 or higher - even at this time of year - and wait a few minutes before applying your make-up. Doctors recommend to wait 20 minutes after applying sunscreen to prevent decreasing the effectiveness of the sunscreen, so apply and go have breakfast and then apply make-up.

As so much of our make-up has spf don't be fooled that you can add them all together. If your sunscreen is 30 and your foundation is 15 and your powder is 15, you won't get an spf of 60, it will be 30 - the highest spf you applied.

It is thought that sunscreen needs to be applied every two hours to be effective if you are in very hot sun, swimming or perspiring enough to sweat off the sunscreen.

So if you are not in any of these conditions your sunscreen should remain intact for longer but I do recommend to carry a compact in your bag with spf like Avene's water resistant 50 tinted compact for touch ups during the day. Vichy also do a great compact with an spf of 30. Also get a loose power with spf and that will give up adequate protection. Also watch out if you have to do a lot of driving - those rays come through the windows, so keep sunscreen in the car at all times.

Dare to Bare Your Skin is Lancome 's new slogan for their new skin tone corrector called Dreamtone. So do we all dream of perfect skin tone? Well according to research we do. As we get older our skin becomes more and more and uneven in tone. Fair skin tends to go red, medium skin tends towards sallow tones and darker skins tend to get purple marks. Pigmentation marks and age spots are also a reason to cover up and not bare all to the world.

Lancome carried out a survey in China, USA and France and the results were that women across the board were more concerned with tone over wrinkles. Woman even see skin tone as a sign of youth, freshness and health and a dream tone would mean not having to wear make up to cover up pigmentation, dark circles and blemishes.

Dr. Francoise who is the researcher behind the launch, shifted his focus to the dermis and the fibroblasts and came up with a comprehensive list of causes of pigmentation no matter what your skin colour. To test all this science, I started using the serum and the consistency is creamy, which is usual for a serum but saying that I like it and it does make the skin glow. You use it morning and evening on cleansed skin and follow with your moisturizer, it costs €87 and comes in three shades. Due to the fact that the formulations affect the biological mechanisms of the skin, at least eight weeks of use is recommended in order to start seeing results. In a few weeks I will dare to bare with confidence. Lancome lovelies include Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts.

Up for testing this week is Decoderm 16-hour foundation, which is waterproof and holds moisture for 24 hours and the texture is light and fresh. The 'make-up fairy' Joanne Larby is a big fan. The trial comes courtesy of Sean Taffe Hair and Beauty and I am looking for three ladies for the trial. Write to me at 9/10 Denny St, Tralee, email me at

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