Visual Arts week photo competition prompts one hell of a creative response

Kathleen O'Sullivan

Listowel Visual Arts Week took place from June 20 to 24, and Jumbo's Family Restaurant kicked it all off with their collaborative Living Art Competition with Listowel Visual Arts.

Damien O'Mahony, Jade O'Mahony and company kicked it all off with their Last Supper recreation a fortnight ago, in a competition requiring participants to recreate an iconic picture and post it to social media. 

Louise Stack was the deserving winner of the competition with her recreation of a self-portrait by Frida Kahlo. Listowel Visual Arts Week Committee member and Jumbo's front man Damien said it was great to see the idea come to life, as well as the paintings. 

"We had great fun recreating The Last Supper ourselves in Jumbo's and were glad to see others doing similar," he said. 

"We were just putting out ideas we wanted to build some momentum before Visual Arts Week. 

"The uptake for the competition ended up being great; we had 12 entrants. "It was so tough to pick a winner, there were arguments.  "I don't know how we're going to pick one next year - we'll have to bring in a judge!"

Winners were announced on the Listowel Visual Arts Facebook Page on Monday. 

Joint runners-up were Erin Halpin's recreation of Edvard Munch's "The Scream", and Ballylongford Oyster Festival's recreation of Frederic William Burton's "The Meeting on the Turret Stairs" with what they titled "Oysters on the Turret Stairs". In their picture is a tray of oysters, showcasing their speciality!