TV on the menu for Killarney chef, Paul

Virgin Media TV will be offering up some tasty programmes this summer after it signed local Killarney chef Paul Treyvaud to a six-programme series.

The new show, which will be 30 minutes each in length, will be called 'Treyvaud's Kitchen' and it will see the colourful Killarney restaurateur preparing and cooking a number of delicious looking dishes.

"I'll be concentrating on recipes that everybody can relate to, using ingredients everyone has immediate access to," said Paul who runs Treyvaud's Restaurant in Killarney with his chef brother Mark.

"The focus is on proper cooking methods, proper seasoning and proper techniques and one ingredient I always like to use is laughter so it will be a bit of fun," he added.

"There is absolutely no chance of using any ingredients that people have never even heard of and they won't have to go running to the shops to try to find something when they don't even know what it looks like".

The six episodes have already been filmed in Paul's own home in Kenmare with the first episode expected to be broadcast in the summer.

It has certainly been a whirlwind experience for the local chef after he was first spotted by Virgin Media producers when he appeared in a number of guest cooking slots on Ireland AM with presenters Mark Cagney and Alan Hughes.