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Tralee's Owen Rua celebrates release of debut single


Tralee native and singer and songwriter, Owen Rua

Tralee native and singer and songwriter, Owen Rua

Tralee native and singer and songwriter, Owen Rua

It's certainly been a week to remember for Tralee singer/songwriter Owen Rua who, on Friday, marked the release of his debut single, 'Do You Ever Think Of Me?'.

It was no easy feat to write - although Owen says that it took him just 10 minutes for the foundations of this song to come together - a song, but then to record it and release it to the world and have it be well received too? That takes talent, to be sure.

It's been a busy few days for the young singer as he fields interviews from a range of media outlets and radio stations, all keen to promote the young man's first foray into the music business.

Speaking to The Kerryman about the story behind the song and the reaction since the release last Friday, Owen was in a jubilant mood.

"It's got a great reaction so far. It's being played on Spin South West along with Radio Kerry and a few others like Limerick102FM so, yeah, it's been a great reaction so far," said Owen.

With a title like 'Do You Ever Think Of Me?', you can already guess the story/theme behind the song, and Owen confirms this writer's suspicions when he says that the song is about heartbreak but, more importantly, learning to fight back from heartbreak.

"It's about heartbreak...and just going through that kind of process of a breakup.

"Also, though, it's blended with an upbeat kind of dance feel.

"So, while the lyrics are a bit dark but then, the feel of the song is actually quite upbeat and dancey," Owen continued.

"It's kind of encouraging people to get through the break up and letting them know that they can come through the other side," he said.

Finally, Owen said that he has a few more singles already recorded, and he hopes to release them one by one over the next few months before releasing a full EP in early 2021.

'Do You Ever Think Of Me?' is currently available to listen to on all streaming platforms and on the 'Owen Rua Music' page on Facebook.