'The Great Hunger'

ONE OF the classics of Irish literature is to be performed by Peter Duffy at the Carniege Arts Centre on Saturday, September 7.

'The Great Hunger' was first published in 1942 and is a poem recognised by many as Patrick Kavanagh's best work, simply a masterpiece.

It concerns the life and struggles of the anti-hero and small farmer Patrick Maguire. It is an un-sentimental portrait of the life and times of the man in the Great Famine.

Previous performances of the poem have used sound, movement and image, but little of the text. In his one man show, Peter uses the complete text, allowing the words and underlying meanings to speak for themselves.

Peter has performed the show all around the country and many believe that, as he is a Moneghan man himself, he has a natural feel for the language and sensibility for the text.

Tickets cost €12/€10 and the show begins at 7pm. There will be a Q&A afterwards with tea and coffee.


ARTWORK by the students of Pobalscoil Inbhear Scéine is to be showcased in an exhibition at the Carniege Arts Centre as part of the Gangs of New York festival.

'Triumph over Adversity' is a free exhibition of the students' artwork that has been inspired by the story behing the festival.

The Gangs of New York festival centres around the story of the Lansdowne Estate and the forced emigration of the tenants that occured after the famine. Many of the paintings are of the students' portrayal of the conditions these emigrants were forced to endure.

It is also celebrating the relationship between Kenmare and the Five Points area of New York, where many of the emigrants who left Kenmare ended up.

Some of the paintings highlight this link between the two areas, with one showing mobsters from the early 20th Century standing in front of the New York skyline with the green, white and gold as the background.

The exhibition will be launched on Friday, August 30. at 7.30pm in the centre.


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