'Symphony of the Soil' sounds in Siamsa Tíre

The health of our precious planet and the soil that gives this biome life is under the microscope at Siamsa Tíre on Thursday, March 16, next in a special film screening set to leave all with a much deeper understanding of the complex biology of the very earth.

Symphony of the Soil, by Deborah Koons Garcia, screens in Siamsa at 7pm in an event organised by the Transition Kerry group.

Transition Kerry is working with numerous communities and groups across the county to foster a healthier local environment rich in native species of fruit, trees, plants and animal life. To this end, it is urging everyone interested in the health of their environment to come along to the film.

Alarmingly, it is estimated by some scientists that the ability of soil to produce sufficient food for the population will collapse within 60 years if future-proofing steps are not taken now. "Find out why our soil is such a precious resource that we depend on and need to value more than ever... This film highlights the possibilities of creating healthy soil, creating healthy plants, and creating healthy humans living on a healthy planet," a spokesperson for TK said.

Thursday 16th March @ 7.00pm in Siamsa Tíre

For more information, contact Niamh @ 086 7247066

These events are free and all are welcome - Tá fáilte roimh gach duine

(Donations are appreciated for the running of these events).

Transition Kerry is a community group, which aims to build local sustainability by working with existing community and business networks (www.transitionkerry.org).


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