Students have a super Sci-fest

WHAT do you get when you feed a primrose Coca Cola for 21 days straight? You get a dead primrose.

However, feed it 7-Up Free, a soft drink without sugar, and you might be in for a surprise and a lesson in the effects of sugar on plant life.

This was part of the fascinating research carried out by Listowel Community College first years Tia O'Connor and Rebecca Bambury and presented at SciFest in Tralee recently.

The girls fed primroses a number of different soft drinks for 21 days, repeating the experiment three times in a fairly rigorous undertaking.

Meanwhile, fifth-year students Jack Kingston and Donal Falvey also impressed SciFesters no end with their project analysing the performance of a range of top football boots worn by Premier League players.

It was the first time that any group from the college entered the Tralee science fair.

"The best thing for me was taking pictures of the plants each day," Rebecca explained. "We found that the ones we gave Coca Cola to each day went all yellow and withered after 21 days, but the ones that got 7-Up Free weren't too bad."

Tia enjoyed the whole experience of SciFest, of setting up their display and showing others their research on the day. "It was brilliant and I'm definitely more interested in science now than I was before."

Teacher Tríona Horan explained that Jack and Donal's project also came up with some resounding answers: "They analysed Premier League players in terms of performance, as they felt the Premier League is all of a similar standard, and found that Adidas football boots performed the best of all!"

"It's been a fantastic learning experience for all of them and from my point of view it was wonderful watching the sparks of learning happen as well as seeing the growing enthusiasm for science among them. It definitely showed all young people who took part that science isn't dry and boring!"


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