Steve shows that Kerry's got talent

Fergus Dennehy talks to Killorglin comedian and magician Steve Mills after he appeared on ‘Ireland’s Got Mór Talent’ on Saturday night; how he first got involved in magic and comedy, his experience on the talent show and his hopes for the future.

Killorglin comedian and magician Steve Mills.
Killorglin comedian and magician Steve Mills.
Killorglin comedian and magician Steve Mills.

His appearance on Ireland's Got Mór Talent on Saturday night might not have turned out the way that he had hoped but Killorglin based comedian and magician Steve Mills' enthusiasm and passion for the stage and performing remains as strong as ever.

Steve, who performed a series of magic tricks on the talent show on Saturday night, including a blind-folded trick involving plastic cups, a nail and the help of host Lucy Kennedy, was ultimately not chosen to progress to the next stage, but is happy he took the chance and went for it nonetheless.

"I've always watched them, the programmes like Ireland's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent and I've always thought that I should go and give it a go and see how far I would get. I've been doing stand up and children's parties for years now so I thought that would be the next step," said Steve on Monday.

"It's so different to what you expect. Everything is almost out of sequence in certain things. You're filming one section one day and the next section the next day. Then of course, you go along for the audition and there's just crowds and crowds of people just waiting to go on stage and you're waiting in one room to go to another room," Steve said.

"There wasn't so much as nerves, there's jitters of course, but I'm so used to performing to crowds that I jut really enjoyed it. I'm obviously a little disappointed with the result, but it was great fun and I enjoyed it," he continued.

Never one to be dissuaded easily though, Steve said that he is already in the midst of preparing to take another run at the show next year so watch this space!

It was from a young that Steve said that he has had this love of magic and tricks, but that it was from watching the comedian Karl Spain performing that he was taken with the idea that he should try stand up comedy.

"I come from a drama and theatre background which I used to do after school. I went to see Karl Spain perform once and I thought that's something I'd love to try, I did a few bits in the local bits in the Roscrea area. I've supported people like Ardal O'Hanlon in Nenagh and only last Saturday in Tralee, I was performing with Joe Rooney who was Fr Damo in Father Ted," he said.

It is a love of being on stage and performing that keeps Steve coming back for more.

"I love everything about it. I can't wait to get back on stage and do it again. Once you get on and you start and people start laughing and you can see that they are enjoying themselves, it just creates this kind of adrenaline to help you keep going and going," she said.

Having lived in various locations throughout the UK and even in South Africa for a brief period, Steve has been based in Killorglin for the past three years and has weaved himself into the local community expertly, so much so that he is now involved in the new monthly comedy club called the 'Crafty Devils' being run in The Barn in Killorglin on the first Thursday of every month.

The club have secured quite a big name to perform at the club in May with comedian Ross Browne - who recently grabbed attention online with is rap responding to the Azealia Banks controversy.

"It will be a great night and we're looking forward to it. Check out 'The Barn' in Killorglin for all the details.