Sonny answers the call

Sonny Egan
Sonny Egan

HE'S the first to admit that he's 'useless' with phones, but it didn't stop Meteor from casting one of north Kerry's best known accordion players in their latest TV ad.

And before anyone else asks, Abbeydorney man Sonny Egan didn't get a free phone for his efforts!

The accomplished musician, whose Rambling House is known countywide, is getting used to his new found fame after he was cast in Meteor's latest TV commercial promoting the phone company's 'Get Christmassed' €1 million giveaway

Sonny explained that having appeared in a Discover Ireland promotional video a number of years ago, he was still listed on the books of the Monroe Agency in Dublin. About two months ago, he got a call from the agents asking him to head to Dublin to audition for the new ad and the rest, as they say, is history.

"I made the shortlist first and then was called back for a wardrobe fitting and about a week later I was back in Dublin filming the ad," Sonny said.

"It took about five or six hours altogether and it gave a great insight into how these thing are done, because the ad itself is so short."

"It was a bit of a shock alright to get chosen, because I'm sure there are loads of trendy lads around with lots of experience who they could have picked instead, but I suppose they were looking for someone rural," he added. The ad sees Sonny playing the accordion in a drab, wet bus station, but he is then transported to a lively Christmas party - presumably highlighting what could be in store for winners of the €1m giveaway.