Soap Watch

Fair City: On Tuesday, Orla and Wayne receive devastating news, and Wayne is horrified by Orla's extreme solution. Hughie takes a major step in his relationship with Jackie.

Then on Wednesday, Jackie fears for her life, and Sash is furious at Wayne's offer. Meanwhile, Mairead is taken aback when Damien presumes too much.

On Thursday, Orla and Wayne push Sash to give them an answer. Jackie struggles to cope in the wake of the robbery and Sharon encourages Darragh to make amends with Erica.

Coronation Street

On the street this week, it's a bad time for Carla as she refuses to visit Aidan's grave on his birthday, not wanting to bump into Kate.

Peter doesn't give up on the idea and calls Johnny to ask him for a favour. Having convinced Carla her family has already visited, Peter guides her towards Aidan's grave.

Carla refuses to visit Aidan's grave on his birthday

Back at The Rovers, the Connors raise a glass to Aidan. Kate is outraged when Peter brings Carla to join them, angrily accusing her of killing Rana.


Down on Albert Squaret this week, there are plenty of developments in matters of the heart as Lola and Jay reconnect in Albert Square.

The week starts with Jay ignoring Lola, but Billy then steps in to get the two of them back talking. Jay is crushed when Lola says they should just be friends, but when they go for a drink the spark is really there.

Ben thinks Lola is falling for Jay again and tells her to stay away from him. Lola suggests she and Jay go for another drink and Ben loses his cool when he sees them talking.

Lola and Jay then manage to sneak off to the E20 - and share a kiss. It looks like they're well and truly on a collision course with Ben.


This week on Emmerdale, Pete gives Rhona a piece of his mind after she takes his birthday presents the wrong way. Rhona feels regretful when she realizes she has crossed a line.

Later, a distressed Kim arrives at the vets begging for help with her ill horse and Rhona is unable to say no. As she arrives at the stables, Rhona starts to feel unwell but pushes on due to a sense of duty.

Meanwhile, Pete is setting up a candlelit dinner for two, unaware that Rhona has collapsed at the stables with sudden abdominal pain.