Seán and Colm flying the flag on Ros na Rún

Colm Mac Gearailt, who plays newcomer Briain on Ros Na Rún
Colm Mac Gearailt, who plays newcomer Briain on Ros Na Rún
Seán Mistéal who has played former priest, David on the show for 13 years.

Fergus Dennehy

Having flown the Kerry flag proudly on the set of Ros Na Rún for the last 13 years, actor Seán Mistéal finally has some help, after Ballydavid's Colm Mac Gearailt joined the cast this summer.

Seán, who plays the role of former priest David, welcomed the support of Colm to the set, saying that it's great to have some back up against the "good natured banter" from his fellow Mayo and Donegal actors.

"It's nice to have some fellow Kerry talent here on set. We've got one of the biggest Gaeltacht's in the country so it feels right to have some extra back up on set," he laughed when talking to The Kerryman on Friday.

"It's a tough job, you're sort of thrown in at the deep end when you first start, it takes a little bit of time to get your head around it all. The cast though, when you're the newcomer, they always make sure to make you feel welcome and supported."

"After 13 years though, the rest of the cast, they're basically like family to me," he continued.

It's an interesting time for Seán's character as he recovers from a gun shot wound suffered at the end of last season, and Seán says that his recovery is gong to be helped by his first cousin, Briain, played by Colm, who arrives out of the blue from Australia.

"He's come in and to his credit, he's done some great work, he's been great to work with. His character Briain is a right charmer, I'll tell you that much. The ladies of the village certainly have their on him!"

For Colm, the chance to join such a prestigious show as Ros Na Rún was something that he had to seize when he first saw the part on offer earlier this year.

"I joined the cast in the middle of August and I have to say, the fellow actors and the crew have been absolutely lovely and really made it easy for me to transition in as the new guy," said Colm, speaking on Friday.

"It's funny because, especially in my teenage years, I used to watch the show every week and my family now, my aunties and the cousins, they'd still watch it religiously."

"They tell me that it's a bit of a strange experience seeing me on it, but I think they're getting used to it," he laughed.

"For me [working with Seán], it was nice that I knew him before I started working on set with him and he's been great. With regards to my character, Briain, he's a good lad, but there's definitely some secrets that he's not talking about about his time in Australia. Hopefully the audience will like what they see," he finished.


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