Sem lads deliver a frightfully good tour

St Brendan's gets a spooky makeover for three nights of Halloween-themed entertainment

Tadhg Evans

There were screams and a few tears along the way, but all in all, St Brendan's Haunted School initiative proved to be as fun as it was frightening over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Over three nights, the school welcomed some 700 people, all of whom got to see the Sem in a spookier light.

Those who visited were guided around the school by a tour guide and introduced to a plethora of scary characters.

The initiative was mainly spearheaded by Transition Year students, although they did get a helping hand from members of other years, and co-ordinator Carol Hickson, a teacher at the school, said the feedback from the public was very positive.

"We were delighted really with the attendance," she told The Kerryman.

"The public were very impressed by the acting skills of those who were involved, and they were impressed as well by the construction and decoration involved in transforming the school.

"We set up two mazes - one in the courtyard and another in the canteen - and we had a 'graveyard' at the back of the school.

"We had sound effects and professional lighting set up as well, and we must thank D&D Sound and Lighting for their help.

"We also took over the ground floor of the building and two classrooms," she added.

While the haunted school was open for three nights, it also hosted students from The Mon and The Pres last Friday before the night-time stagings got underway.

It was no small task getting everything set up, and Carol said she was very grateful to everyone involved in getting the school prepared, and to everyone who visited over the enormously successful weekend.

"We're also very grateful to everyone who spread to word," she said.

"Hopefully we'll have raised some money for the TY fund and a charitable donation."