Roxy Records - the shop for the 1990s


A new record shop on the lines of the Dublin and London mega stores opened in Tralee recently.

Roxy Records has been set up by two Tralee brothers, Pat and Brendan Kelly of Connolly Park and both have a great deal of experience in the music business. Brendan worked with Kiely's Records in Tralee for seven years while Pat has also been involved in the disco scene.

According to both things have been going very well since the opening.

"The opening was very successful, there was great interest in it," said Pat. "I think one of the reasons is because it is a new set-up and people have plenty of room to browse around."

One of the features of the high-tech, ultra-modern store is that there are three monitors hanging from the ceiling which constantly play the current video chart toppers.

"Somebody came in and said it is a shop for the 90s," joked Pat.

The shop is styled along the lines of the HMV or Virgin stores and will sell T-shirts and posters as well as records, tapes, CDs and other paraphernalia. Roxy Records also hopes to have an order department where records that are rare or unavailable can be ordered.

In this way, says Brendan, the shop will cater for other tastes in music as well as pop and rock.


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