Ready to build on Beaufort's great cinematic reputation

Tadhg Evans

Given its association with the Kalem Film Company, Beaufort's place in the world of cinema will forever be notable, so it's probably little surprise that the locals are set to build on that reputation.

A non-profit community founded by local cinema-lovers, Beaufort Film Night, is preparing for its inaugural event, a screening of 'The Lives of Others', at the Inn Between Bar next month, and its long-term aim is to foster an appreciation of film that would not normally receive widespread screening in the county, whether they be in the English language or otherwise.

Chairperson Hazel Joy explained that the films it screens will be curated to appeal to a wider audience, and the group will work alongside the Arts Council-funded Access Cinema, an organisation that film clubs and film nights.

"To coincide with the new Kerry-Berlin air route, Beaufort Film Night will screen the multi-award winning German classic, The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen)," she told The kerryman.

"[We] would like to thank The Inn Between Bar for providing a venue for this cultural and entertainment opportunity.

Admission to the film is €7, which will go towards covering the motion picture licencing fee and associated costs," she added.

The German-language film, rated 15s, and the screening takes place from 8.30pm on Friday, February 9. Further information is available from the 'BeaufortFilmNight' Facebook page and on twitter @Beaufort_Film.