Nostalgia and excitement for Jack as he prepares to jet off

Fergus Dennehy

Jack Patrick Healy, aka, the Killarney Liberace, has said that nostalgic is the perfect word to describe how he is feeling as he prepares for his final few shows in Killarney. Jack Patrick, still just 24 years old, has kept thousands and thousands of locals and tourists well entertained in the Liquid Lounge for almost four years now, gaining widespread acclaim as he did.

The time has come though for Jack Patrick to spread his wings and Saturday March 2 marks the date of his final concert in the venue before he moves to London to live with his partner Emma. Having already secured an agent in London, Jack is now dreaming of one day realising his ultimate dream of becoming a West End star. Firstly though, he tells The Kerryman.

"I want a queue out the door all the way down to the taxi rank," he laughed. "Last weekend, we did a couple of songs that I would have started off with three years ago. There was a couple of people that came back that were there in my very first week." "They were asking me if I remembered them. A lady actually came up to me and said 'if you play, I'll sing' and so she sat right up on the piano and sang the whole of 'Piano Man' just to me. How lovely like!,"he continued.

"I am getting nostalgic when I'm packing up the dressing room because there are almost four years worth of memories of shows there." On the decision to leave, Jack said that there is never a right time to decide to go, but with Emma living in London and wanting to settle there, he decided to take the chance and go for it - a chance which has already paid off.  "I just got signed with an agent and I'm looking at doing an album over there. Then I'll be working in the piano bar scene over there to a bigger audience." "It's lovely to be able to take my show over to London and play there, but my whole dream is get to play on the West End."