Niall excited to take to Siamsa stage

Niall O'Sullivan
Niall O'Sullivan

Acclaimed Irish trumpeter Niall O'Sullivan is planning on pulling out all the stops for his upcoming show in Siamsa Tíre and he hopes that you come along for the ride.

Niall, who has performed with some of the biggest names in music including Amy Winehouse, Michael Búble, Tom Jones, Dionne Warwick, José Carreras and has recorded with multi Grammy winning legend Larry Carlton, Danielle de Niese and Kim Criswell, is bringing his 'My Funny Valentine' show to the famed Tralee venue on Saturday, February 10.

As he says, it's not bad for a boy who started with from the Artane Boys Band in Dublin and who who only originally took up music for one reason.

"I'm sure all of you down there in Kerry are familiar with the Artanes Boys Band after all of your countless trips to Croke Park; that band is where it all started for me," Niall said, speaking to The Kerryman on Friday afternoon.

"It was my two older brothers that started in the band and I followed suit after them. I only followed them and started on the trumpet for the very simple reason that I wanted to learn how to play the 'Match of the Day' and the 'Sunday Game' theme tunes!" he chuckled.

"From there then, I went to the DIT Conservatory of Music here in Dublin and the Royal Irish Academy; from here then, I went to the Royal College of Music in London for a number of years on scholarships for a number of post graduate studies. That, in a nutshell, is how this whole mad thing has started for me," he laughed.

On what has kept him going over all these years of playing and and performing music, Niall says that it is the connection with the audience that he values the most.

"It's the performing live and seeing the reactions of the audience and their connection with the music; their are always certain songs that are going to touch peoples hearts and pull at their emotions and heartstrings," he said.

"A lot of times in America, particularly when we are doing an Irish set, we will have people come up to us after the show and tell us how much our performance reminded them of their visits to Ireland or a fond memory they have. That is special to me," he added.

His trip to Siamsa Tíre on February 10 will be the first time performing in the Tralee and he has a message for anyone who is maybe sitting on the fence about coming - it's going to be fun!

"On the stage on the night, we're going to have a full band of piano, bass, drums and guitar. I, myself, will be on trumpet leading the night and I will have two incredible singer, Simon Morgan and a wonderful singer called Shona, who is actually my fiancé as well," he smiled.

"We are going to be featuring performances from Ireland's finest musicians with beautiful arrangements of jazz favourites, classical masterpieces, pop ballads alongside songs from stage and screen," he continued.

"I've heard amazing reports about the set up at the Siamsa Tíre theatre. I've been told that it's one of the nicest venues and art centres in the entire country so obviously, when I heard this, I said 'we have to play there!. Plus, who doesn't ever just want to head down to Kerry for a few nights? You guys have such a beautiful set up down there," he continued.

"We're actually already in the planning stages for another return to Kerry next year actually. We're going to have a coach load of Americans coming over to do this 'Artists Tour' that myself and Shona have organised So, even though, we haven't even landed down there yet, we're already excited to come back to you all," he laughed again.

Tickets for Niall's show in Siamsa on February 10 are on sale with tickets set to cost between €20 and €23.

Doors will open on the night at 8pm - make sure you don't miss out on this great nights entertainment.

"This show will allow people to be taken away by beautiful arrangements of timeless classics. It will offer something different for Valentine's and it will certainly get people in the mood for the most romantic day of the year," he finished.

See you all there!