Musical Society parties in spectacular style

Jackie O’Mahony, Emma Quirke and Jonathan Lynch.
Jackie O’Mahony, Emma Quirke and Jonathan Lynch.

AS you might expect from such a talented and theatrical bunch, the members of Tralee Musical Society pulled out all the stops at their annual fundraising Halloween party.

The all singing, all dancing troupe hold a private Halloween party every year at their stage studios in Monavalley and the party is normally home to some of Tralee's very best homemade Halloween costumes.

This year was no exception and it was clear that many of the TMS gang must have spent weeks preparing their costumes. Judging by some of the wacky costumes on display they'd spent even longer coming up with the ideas.

Among the guests at the TMS party were a human Barbie doll (complete with packaging and accessories), a giant can of Red Bull and a human bottle of Jagermeister, a zombie Rose of Tralee, an uncanny version of Water White from TV's Breaking Bad (with home made blue sugar "meth"), an interesting take on the tooth fairy and a coven of recession witches.

As is tradition at the TMS Halloween party, awards were presented for the best costumes, with the top prize going to long standing TMS member, award winning musical director and Rose of Tralee chief Oliver Hurley who literally dazzled in a voluminous, sparkling, wedding gown.