Mounthawk brings the bard to life

Christine Fitzgibbon

Mercy Mounthawk Secondary School made a successful stab at the classic love story "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare.

The play was performed at Siamsa Tire and directed by Tony Behan. Every actor threw themselves into their parts with dedication, conviction and gumption and delivered a realistic and enjoyable experience.

The leading roles Romeo and Juliet were played by Hugo Wells and Dakotah Carter O' Flynn.

Both of them connecting to their characters and each other to successfully portray the star crossed lovers.

Other leading roles included The Nurse - Amy Roche - and Mercutio - Sean Gannon - who added great humour, comic relief and pathos to the overall performance.

The Fiery Tybalt -Darragh Clark - added tension with his dramatic death scene which captured the atmosphere to the warring families.

Other notable characters were Capulet - Sean Trant - who gave a powerful performance as Juliet's Father and the Friar Laurence - Matthew Dineen - who played Romeo's wise fatherly advisor .

The fight scenes were choreographed extremely well making them look very realistic and believable.

Each death scene was also carefully thought out particularly the deaths of Romeo and Juliet which sent a wave of emotion through the audience at the play's finale.

The brilliant set was carefully made by the fourth year art students and the fabulous costume designer, Ms Mary Barry designed each costume so the cast looked like they stepped straight out of Renaissance Italy.