Millions watch Causeway man spin a good yarn

It's a howl as Eoin hits the hotseat

It’s a howl: Graham Norton is highly amused and Eoin Regan (above) keeps his seat.
It’s a howl: Graham Norton is highly amused and Eoin Regan (above) keeps his seat.

Donal Nolan

A CAUSEWAY man with an extraordinary knack for telling a good story entertained millions of TV viewers when he was one of the very few to walk away from the infamous red chair on the BBC's Graham Norton Show on .

Eoin Regan, a son of John and Claire O'Regan from Causeway, brought the house down in the studio with an hilarious story about a cultural faux pas in Thailand - much to the delight of host Graham Norton and his guests, including Gwyneth Paltrow.

Audience members take to the red chair at the end of the show each week to tell, ostensibly, a funny story. However, most end up on their backs as, at the pull of a lever, Norton and his guests upend those whose stories fail to entertain.

Watched by millions, Eoin took his place in the hot seat at the end of Saturday night's show and began by telling everyone he was from Causeway in north Kerry!

His story was about the time his friend Rory and he took a couple of scooters to explore rural Thailand. Thirsty after hours in the saddle, they spotted what appeared to be a lovely beer garden and entered, sitting down and asking the waitress for a menu and two beers. The waitress had very little English and appeared grumpy and reluctant to comply. But the two lads persevered, repeating over and again 'can we have a menu and two beers please?'

Relations soured even further, until the waitress stormed out and returned with a much younger man who informed Eoin and Rory they were sitting in a private home, not a bar or restaurant!

"I was worried I might have made a show of myself as I hadn't a clue how it went!" Eoin told The Kerryman. The show was recorded on Wednesday night and Eoin had no intention whatsoever of going near the red-chair but was urged on by his Tralee fiancé Helen O'Keeffe and two other friends, all of whom attended the show with him.

The 28-year-old works as a civil engineer in London where he has lived for a number of years. "I was home for the weekend actually and I was every bit as nervous watching it in Causeway as I was going on," he said.

Thankfully, the response has been great from everyone. "People were coming up to me after Mass on Sunday and in the village, I've heard nothing but positives about it thank God!"