Miami Showband survivor Stephen to speak in Waterville

Stephen Travers will speak in Waterville
Stephen Travers will speak in Waterville

Fergus Dennehy

As one of the only two survivors of the Miami Showband Massacre which on July 31, 1975 claimed the lives of his three closest friends and band members, the chance to hear Stephen Travers speaking is a chance to be transported back in time to hear a first hand account of one of the most shocking acts of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Later this month, on September 26, in the Tech Amergin Centre in Waterville, locals and visitors alike will have this chance to hear Stephen speak about that fateful night.

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"It is more than forty years since a terrorist attack, universally known as The Miami Showband Massacre, irrevocably changed my life," said Stephen.

"Since then, I have visited troubled parts of the world and spoken at international conferences on the needs and concerns of victims of terrorism. Having addressed radicalisation awareness conventions and organisations across Europe that study the cause, effect and prevention of terrorism, I am convinced, now more than ever, that there is not a more efficient deterrent to violence, a more effective antidote to radicalisation or a more valuable instrument of reconciliation than the testimony of the victim," he continued. 

Admission on the night is €10 with all funds from the talk going towards the 'Truth and Reconciliation Platform', an organisation that is dedicated to affording every victim of the conflict in Ireland, north and south, an opportunity to tell his or her own personal story.

For those thinking of attending the event, it is recommended that they watch the latest Netflix documentary on the Miami Showband Massacre before attending. Described as a once in a lifetime event, the talk will commence at 8pm.