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Lorraine looks to future with launch of new single, 'Wildflower'

'Wildflower' is the first single released by the 21-year old Lyreacrompane native as she looks forward to release of full five-track EP in April


Kerry singer and songwriter Lorraine Nash

Kerry singer and songwriter Lorraine Nash

Kerry singer and songwriter Lorraine Nash

If this debut by 21-year-old Lyreacrompane native Lorraine Nash is a sign of things to come, then we are witnessing the birth of a very special career.

Last Friday marked saw the release of Lorraine's single called 'Wildflower' and it is the first track on an upcoming EP of the same name which is set to be launched in April.

For Lorraine, it marks the next chapter in a musical story that started way back when she was seven years old when she first started performing.

Since these very early days, she has excelled as a musician and a songwriter, taking to new instruments like a duck to water and can now boast being a talented pianist, guitar, harp, flute and violin player amongst her talents - she briefly flirted with learning the harp but joked that it was too heavy to keep up!

Speaking to The Kerryman last Thursday, the day before the release, Lorraine was feeling cautiously confident that the song would be well received by the public.

"I'm excited for people to hear it. Even the reaction prior to the launch has been good. The reactions from the radio stations that I've sent it into has been quite positive so it will be good to see how the public feel about it," said Lorraine.

Speaking about the her music and how wildflower came about, Lorraine explained the meaning behind 'Wildflower'.

"With a lot of my songs, it kind of starts with a line. With this one, I started with the chorus and I sat with it for a while and then the rest of it came easier," she said.

"The whole metaphor behind it is like a wildflower is like a feeling that you have, that you can't really do much about it when you start feeling something" she said, talking about the meaning behind the song.

The song is described online as one that "sets an enigmatic tone for what is to come. 'Wildflower' is a beautifully languid and relaxed piece and as impressive a debut track as you are likely to hear this year," reads the blurb.

"Lorraine's vocal emanates from soulful place, somewhere between Tracy Chapman and Gillian Welch, and is perfectly suited to a musical palate that evokes Americana and folk tones," it continues.

'Wildflower' was released last Friday and it is available to listen to on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music or Amazon - watch the music video on Lorraine's 'Lorraine Nash Music' Facebook page.

As talk turns to Lorraine's journey as a musician, I was surprised to learn that she admits that her family was not really all that musical growing up and that she really bucked the trend with her abilities.

"Not really which is weird, I think I'm just like the entire family band in a way," she laughed.

"I kind of just like started trad lessons when I was young and then I started to really enjoy learning all these different instruments," she continued.

Lorraine's full EP, also called 'Wildflower' will be officially launched in Coughlan's in Cork on April 16 at 9pm, tickets for which are currently on sale now from Coughlan's website for just €7.50.