From Listowel to Westeros for Seán

Seán McGillycuddy appeared in Game of Thrones last week
Seán McGillycuddy appeared in Game of Thrones last week

Fergus Dennehy

Listowel actor Seán McGillycuddy says he has taken one or two more texts and phone calls than usual in recent days after he appeared on-screen in one of television's biggest shows, Game of Thrones, last week.

The teacher-turned-actor appeared in a non-speaking role alongside Maisie Williams' Arya Stark and a widely publicised Ed Sheeran cameo in the opening episode of the seventh season of the show, in what he says was an amazing and enjoyable experience.

"I auditioned for the part back in September of last year, I'd say. I went up to the Titanic Studios in Belfast and there was obviously a lot of people there as well but, thankfully, they took one look at me and said 'that's our guy'!" he laughed when speaking to The Kerryman.

"That one scene took almost a whole day to film - we were going from about three in the morning until about eight that evening, so yeah, it was a bit of a slog alright," he added with a smile.

"When you see yourself on screen though, all the hard work and early starts become worth it

"We had no idea that he [Ed] was going to be there - we were told on the bus that there would be someone famous there, but since we hadn't signed the privacy and non-disclosure agreements yet, they couldn't tell us who it was. He was lovely though, a really down-to-earth and a nice guy, there was no real airs and graces about him."

This recent appearance was Seán's second stint on the show - he previously appeared as one of the many thousands of extras in the famous 'Battle of the Bastards' battle scene between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton in the shows sixth season.

"That was a tough one to film, a real slog - that took almost three weeks to complete, but it's something that I learnt a lot from and something I can use going forward again."

While Seán won't be drawn on any future appearance on the show, it could yet be third time's a charm for the actor.


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