Early John B classic for St John's

Norma Maher and Denis O'Mahony.
Norma Maher and Denis O'Mahony.

OVER ten years after the death of John B Keane and more and more people are waking up to the power of his earliest classics - not least The Highest House on the Mountain which the Lartigue Theatre Company is set to bring to life on the St John's stage this week.

It's a tale of rural loneliness, greed for land and family tension that encapsulates perfectly many of the themes for which the Listowel writer would become so famous.

Not least is its power, according to director Denis O'Mahony. "It's more than ten years since John B Keane passed away and it seems that more people are getting interested in his earlier works and The Highest House on the Mountain is one of his earliest classics. It's a very powerful play examining such themes as rural loneliness and greed and we're really looking forward to bringing it to life again for our six-night run starting on Thursday."

It features an excellent cast of actors well-known to north Kerry audiences, including Robert Bunyan, John Looney, Laura Gumbo, Con Kirby, Diana McCarthy, Michael Moriarty, Batt O'Keeffe and Gavin O'Sullivan.

The play revolves around Mikey Bannon, a widower living in 'lonely dignity' - as Denis said - on his small holding, who takes in his apparently simple-minded brother. Mikey's son Pat returns home from England with his young bride and the two men feel they have been given a second chance in life with a woman finally in the house.

However, Mikey's brother turns out to be anything but simple-minded and brother Connie, the black sheep in the family, makes a dramatic return to the family home to claim what he sees as his birthright! As with all of John B's works, you'll be anything but bored.

The Highest House on the Mountain begins on Thursday night, February 28, and runs for six nights at St John's. It starts at 8pm each night.


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