Dave captures 'beauty in mundane' in new show bound for town

Having set up his first darkroom in his garden shed with the savings from his first "real job" in the 1980s, Ballybunion- based freelance photographer and artist, Dave Morrison, has enjoyed an exciting and varied career, including working with actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company and specialising in providing stock imagery for advertising, commercial and media clients with his company, Morrbyte.

But on May 13, the father of three will launch his new exhibition "I AM (open to interpretation)" at St John's Theatre, incorporating traditional artistic materials like paper and paint with the endless possibilities provided by digital technology.

"My creations are a way for me to tell a story and evoke a feeling that I hope will be encouraging and spiritual, to make the familiar appear unfamiliar, to capture the beauty in the mundane," Dave explained.

"And that when viewed, people, even if for a small moment will lose themselves within the image," he added.

If, at first, you find yourself struggling with the meaning of one of his pieces, don't worry - just relax into it and let it tell your own story.

"I love to see how I can add to my original photograph and make a story come alive from that same image. Above all my images do not have to be understood to be enjoyed."

The pictures in "I AM" are mostly portraits and fantasy digital art on canvas with mixed media, acrylic and varnish, exploring themes such as spirituality and human emotions.

"My inspiration comes from the individuals in the pieces in addition to a wild imagination," Dave says. "I want each piece to tell a story."

Dave's work is unique and each piece is a one-off. The exhibition opens in St. John's Theatre in Listowel at 8pm on Saturday 13th May and will run until the end of the month. The exhibition is diverse and will appeal to everyone from the young child within to the old soul within. For further information, visit: https://www.facebook.com/morrbytecom-796785270336594/ http://www.stjohnstheatre.com/programme.html


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