Danny and Liam rock St Brendan's

Fantastic night of music as Liam O'Connor is joined by Corona's frontman Danny O'Reilly in St Brendan's

Fergus Dennehy

If you weren't lucky enough to be one of those people to secure a ticket to the sixth annual 'Liam O'Connor' show which took place inside the chapel at St Brendan's College last Tuesday night, then simply put, you missed out on one heck of a night.

The annual concert has been graced by many a high profile name these past five years - whether it was Christy Dignam last year or Brian Kennedy the year before - this year, it was the turn of Corona's frontman Danny O'Reilly to take to the stage, while Kieran Donaghy and Tony Buckley were guest speakers on the night. Some of the undisputed stars on the night were the boys from St Brendan's College choir - most of whom can call the stage their second home by now - here in town who once again rose to the occasion brilliantly.

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Over half a decade since its first outing, the show shows no sign of slowing down and speaking to the titular character, Liam, on Monday, a week on from the show, he was still buzzing. "We had a huge night. Everyone had a great time right across the board. It's about everyone looking at and hearing from inspirational speakers and listening to great music," said Liam. "The boys certainly enjoyed it, they got to see the high standards that it takes to be among the best musicians," he continued. "Danny was fantastic. He was just great. You must remember that we're after some very big names and some very good artists these past few years and Danny just brought something different. He was very refreshing," said Liam.