Corona Danny in 'secret' Listowel gig at Mike the Pies Bar

Diehard music fans at Mike the Pies in Listowel couldn't believe their luck when they were treated to a pretty select gig to start the New music Year there last Thursday, as Coronas lead singer Danny O'Reilly took to the stage in an intimate concert before fewer than 100 people.

He was joined by his sister, Roisin O; Ham Sandwich; John Broe (whom Roisin performs with as Thanks Brother); and more in another great coup for the famous public house.

It was the audience's reward for their long-standing loyal patronising of the Mike the Pie's live music series, started back in March 2015 by owner Aiden O'Connor and already the recipient of the coveted Hot Press Live Music Venue commendation gong.

There's been quite a few famous names grace the small stage in the Listowel bar already, but Danny O'Reilly was fairly up there - at a gig made even more significant by the fact that it was his single solo show for the period.

"He does a solo gig every Christmas, and performed in Derry last year, so I contacted him and he told me he had heard all about Mike the Pies from his sister, Roisin, and decided to do this year's solo gig in Listowel," Aiden explained.

"We were thrilled to host Danny and to see the return of his sister, who performs as Roisin O, in a fairly incredible night that was also attended by Hot Press editor Niall Stokes and his wife, Mairin Sheehy.

"First dibs on the tickets were given to our most loyal music customers who have been coming regularly to our concerts since they began back in March 2015," Aiden O'Connor explained.