Causeway explodes in colour for Carnival

Causeway exploded in colour, quite literally, over the weekend as the second ever Causeway Carnival Queen took off like a wildfire of first-rate craic on Thursday night (August 1).

The colour explosion came as the carnival celebrated a special 'colour run' on Saturday with the village plastered in multicoloured powders.

For the Causeway Community Action Group, the second year of their festival proved a roaring success, from the opening table quiz on Thursday night to the historic walking tours of Meenogahane and Clashmealcon on Sunday and, of course, the selection of the Carnival Queen.

Niamh Leen was crowned the Carnival Queen in Sunday's finale, amid stiff competition from six other young local women - sponsored by the five bars (The Forge, McHale's, Harty's, Keane's and The Hopper Inn) as well as the Camogie Club.

"We were delighted with how the second year of the carnival went with a great turnout for all the events over the weekend," secretary of the community group James O'Mahony said.

The seven contestants were each part of a four-person team competing for the Carnival Queen title over a variety of fun events, beginning with Thursday's table quiz.

Among the other contests the teams faced was a singing competition in The Forge on Friday night; a penalty shoot-out as well as a wheelie-bin relay on the Saturday night during the family fun events at the Green in Marian Terrace.

Meanwhile, there was loads for history fans too as up to 50 took part in the big coastal walk on Sunday - stopping at Meenogahane for a talk by Liam Leen and at Clashmealcon where local historian Thomas Harrington delivered an exposition of the local lore there. "It was a fascinating walk enjoyed by all and we learned some very interesting things indeed including about the life of a lady aviator who was as famous as Amelia Earhart back in the 1920s: Lady Mary Heath. She was the first to fly from Cape Town in South Africa to London and she was also crucial in having women's track and field events included in the Olympic. Her mother was from Clashmealcon as Thomas informed us in the course of a great event," James said.