Brendan Grace for INEC show

ONE of Ireland's best loved comedians, Brendan Grace, is coming back to the INEC early next month.

The genial and much loved family comedian is celebrating 40 years in the comedy business and is now more popular than at any time in his career to date and what an illustrious career that has been.

Forty one years ago when the 20 year old Dubliner set off on his solo career he could never have envisaged the road of life that lay ahead. Two years later a Geordie song called Cushy Butterfield sailed to No 1 in the Irish charts and the rest is history.

Brendan's latest show features some brand new material and some old favourites' from his vast repertoire over the last 41 years.

Brendan has a very special bond with Irish audiences and is much loved by young and old not least because he gives very generously of his time after each Concert.

The 'Meet and Greet' is now very much part and parcel of each show and Brendan's very down to earth approach is much appreciated by all.

The performance takes place at the INEC on Saturday February 2. Book at Box Office Tel.064 6671555.

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