Bear and Courteney chow down on new Kerry delicacy: maggot-filled sheep scrotum

Fergus Dennehy

If the quality of the grub is one of the main criteria on which tourists judge their experience of the county, it's unlikely Friends star Courteney Cox will be rushing back to the Kingdom anytime soon - having made a meal with Bear Grylls of a sheep scrotum full of succulent maggots.

The pair's dinner habits were revealed by Grylls in a recent interview with the New York Post as he told of how the pair came across a dead sheep on their recent travels in Kerry filming Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

Starved from battling the Kerry wilderness, they were only too happy at the prospect of a little mutton. When they tried to cut open the animal to get some meat for the dinner, they were met with something completely different, however.

"Poor Courteney Cox, we found this dead sheep in this swamp and I thought, I wonder if we can get some nice lamb off this. I stuck a knife in it and it's absolutely rotten, an explosion of maggots came out of this carcass," said Grylls in the interview with the New York Post.

"I thought, we can't eat this meat, but we could eat the maggots. We'll take them back to camp and cook them up. She said, "What would we carry them in?" so I cut the testicle sack off the sheep and took the testicles out and stuffed it full of maggots, tied it in a little bow and stuffed it in my boiling water back at camp," he continued. "Poor Courteney, she e-mailed me about it about a week after to say "I think I'm still suffering post-traumatic stress," he finished.