Anthony a big hit at writers' week

TRALEE author Anthony Garvey, pictured, was one of the big hits at Listowel Writers week where he joined fellow Tralee men the Fanzini Brothers to entertain children with his new book.

Anthony who is a journalist and public relations consultant was in Listowel to give a reading from his latest work, a children's book called The Dark Green Book of Dreams which was published in January. The book tells the tale of a mysterious substitute teacher who is able make her pupils' stories come to life using a magic book.

Anthony said the inspiration for the book came from an unlikely source.

"I have spent all my life working with words, in public relations or as a journalist. When I couldn't decide whether to write an adult or a children's book, the spirits from the other side intervened," he said.

"My mother-in-law Eileen sadly passed away after a long illness. Four months later my wife visited a medium in England, called Julie Wise, to see how her mum was managing on the other side. I'm a sceptic, so I stayed away, but my wife brought a recording home."

"During the reading my spirit guide, apparently a Buddhist monk, barged forward unprompted to declare I was born to write children's books and my sons (Zach and Samuel) were here to help me in that quest," said Anthony.

My wife encouraged me to write a children's book. and who was I to argue with her, or the spirits on the other side."