'An absolute wash-out'

THE traditional Fair Day received "an absolute wash out" this year, according to attendees who were on the rain drenched streets on Thursday.

Timing wasn't of the essence last weeks as the town had some of the worst rainfall in recent months on arguably the busiest day of the year.

However, this didn't stop many as they braved the conditions to browse the various stalls that lined the streets on the day.

"The majority of people don't come until around 12 or 1 o'clock to spend the afternoon here and by then it had cleared up a small bit," said John O'Sullivan, Chairman of the Fair Day committee.

"The early rain drove many people inside however and the pubs were packed," he added.

The inclement weather made it difficult for traders as the goods on show, which included power tools, toys, electronics and clothing, received minor water damage and made it tougher to sell to customers.

The over 300 year old traditional day of bartering and trading brings huge crowds to the town each year but the weather is a huge factor with the open-air event, as was the case this year.


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