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Kerry therapist launches new school well-being company


Denise Enright and Úna Ryan co-founders of REMind ED.

Denise Enright and Úna Ryan co-founders of REMind ED.

Denise Enright and Úna Ryan co-founders of REMind ED.


Kerry native and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist Denise Enright along with her business partner Primary Teacher Úna Ryan, have launched their new business REMind Ed with Mind Moments a first of its kind product designed for teachers to aid well-being in classrooms nationwide.

Mind Moments is a collection of prompt cards that offer a simple four-step model, grounded in research, to support the emotional development and well-being of children.

The cards which take less than five minutes to apply as part of the daily school routine include prompts for movement, play, breathing and positive affirmations.

Denise is a practicing Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist who formerly taught at primary school level both here in Ireland and in the UK.

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“Mental health awareness and the importance of supporting well-being from an early age has become a much wider issue in recent years and it is a responsibility we all have to our children and the children we work with,” said Ms Enright.

“We are very excited to bring this new product to market,” Ms Enright added.

In their individual professional roles and personal lives, Ms Enright and Ms Ryan are both passionate and active advocates for mental health.

The Department of Education wellbeing framework ensures primary schools nationwide implement a School Self-Evaluation Wellbeing Promotion Process by 2025. Mind Moments by REMind Ed were designed with this in mind.

Mind Moments offers schools a simple yet wholly effective way for teachers to putn well-being theory into practice.

Bespoke product artwork has been carefully created by the talented designer illustrator, Kerry Eugenie Prendeville. Each beautifully packaged bundle of Mind Moments includes 25 prompt cards and a helpful explanatory trifold insert for teachers.